weight loss spreadsheet template excel helps you to be organize and on the track on chart. Because getting in shape and losing weight is an important but a hard task to do. So, this worksheet helps you to be in a planned diet, exercise, and much more. Having more weight could leads to great diseases of heart, diabetes etc.

Printable Weight Loss Template

Therefore, reducing the weight is important also for health purposes. If you want to reduce the weight so, this template would be very helpful for you to shred your weight easily by staying on track and your diet. This template helps you to set the objectives of weight reduction, as a result by setting your objectives it will helps you to reduce your extra pounds and meet your objective.

Weight Loss Spreadsheet Template Excel

To getting into a shape is very crucial for a person either male/ female. This spreadsheet is very practical in doing so it records all the data about the person who wants to reduce weight as for instance current weight of the person, ideal weight he/ she wants to gain. Workout or exercise activities, diet chart and the whole each day growth. As well as it also works as a stimulus for the weight reducer to reduce the weight it’s also customization. It can keep you on track & always take care of your diet as to lessen your extras pounds.

Weight Loss Chart

Calendar 2018 base weight loss chart with complete 7 days relates to (Chest, Waist, Thigh, Arm). Let’s check week by week statistics now.

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Blood Pressure Chart

Blood pressure relates to your weight loss diet plan, so you must also need this chart for check daily log and effect in your diet plan.

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Ideal Weight Chart

In which you can filter many things i.e (Body Mass index, Height) Etc.

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BMI Chart

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Workout Chart

How You Manage Weight Loss in Spreadsheet?

Step 1

  1. First you must enter all your current information in the weight loss tracker sheet. This sheets graphically tells you your weight reduction after each day.
  2. The information that the tracker sheet requires are following:

Month: Enter the month in which you start to reduce the weight

Name: Enter the name of the person who wants to reduce weight.

Current weight: enter your current weight in this row:

Ideal weight: Enter the goal weight the desired weight you want.

Maximum weight: Maximum weight is the weight same as the starting weight entered above.

Minimum: Minimum is same as what you want as goal weight.

Lost Weight %: Lost weight percentage after some days.

Average: enter the average weight reduced.

Total Lost: Total of the weight that you reduce after some days.

In the last you would be shown a graphical representation of weight reduction.

Weight Loss Spreadsheet Template

Step 2

  1. Next, this all information would be shown in the spreadsheet. That includes the following:

  • User name:

Here is shown the user name who want to reduce weight and his/her data in front of his/her name. as well as you can also add the other names in tracker that will be shown here.

  • Starting weight

Staring weight is automatically updated by the spreadsheet that you entered in the tracker sheet.

  • Current weight

This column also updated automatically by the spreadsheet.

  • Goal weight

This will also be updated automatically.

  • lost.

This column would be calculated automatically by your provided information.

  • Lost weight

Lost weight is also calculated or updated after some days as you defin.

Step 3

In conclusion, I must say that if you really want to lose weight this Weight loss challenge spreadsheet helps you very much.

Either weight loss spreadsheet template excel, you can manage in other format like Database format, you must require custom template by Techniology.net.