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How to Make a Nutrition Facts Label for a Package – Download Free Nutrition Facts Label Template Samples


SummaryHow to Make a Nutrition Facts Label for a Package – Download Free Nutrition Facts Label Template Samples Jul, 08 2010 By Clay Package Design , Tutorials for Beginners Wanna a Whole Lotta Label… In

How to Make a Nutrition Facts Label for a Package – Download Free Nutrition Facts Label Template Samples

Wanna a Whole Lotta Label…

In a big hurry?

Download the Editable Nutrition Facts Label File (Includes NEW FDA Compliant Nutrition Facts Label for 2018 Guidelines )

Updated 7-17-16 with Even More Samples Including Supplements Facts Panels! Includes new FDA compliant label for 2018 changes.
Now Backwards Compatible to Illustrator CS4!

Got more time? Then keep reading.

I remember making my first nutritional facts label. I didn’t know where to start so I started in the kitchen. I picked out a similar food to see how someone else did it. I figured if a major food company was doing it like that, then I could too.

It didn’t look that hard – fonts were Helvetica or Arial and you just put things in columns with alternating thick and thin horizontal lines – pretty basic stuff. And it really wasn’t that hard, until my clients gave me all sorts of unusual packages and even more unusual products that needed some kick-ass product packaging.

designing nutrition label sample

I started learning about what the FDA says you can and cannot do as well as utilizing their excellent samples to match just about any design problem. The FDA has really done their homework on this one. They make it really easy to adapt their recommendations to just about any packaging challenge.

So now I’m sharing what I’ve learned and providing you this Illustrator editable vector PDF nutritional label template sample pack to get you started. All of these labels were taken from product packages that I designed and are currently on the market so I know they work. They cover the four basic types of nutrition label challenges – the “small overloaded label”, the “we don’t need to put everything in just the basics”, the “we have no more room so just make it fit somehow” and the “our package is so big that the FDA requires us to put everything…even spelling out the word saturated instead of using an abbreviation”.

Download the Nutrition Label File

Helpful Resources

Cool Free Online Nutritional Panel Generator

Note: After generating the panel save page as PDF (you do this by printing the page and then choosing PDF from the drop down menu of available printers). The file will be editable in Illustrator except for the heading (a bitmap image) which you will need to replace. The program also automatically generates the DV percentages based upon a 2,000 calorie diet. Sweet!

Great FREE Editable Nutrition Facts Label Template

This one may even be better than mine because it has detailed specs and justifications on why you do what you do.

This one is provided by Walle Packaging.

FDA Nutritional Labeling Guidelines

Don’t make a nutritional panel without it.

USDA National Nutrient Database

Nutrient profiles for nearly every food in the world.

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