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40+ Free Microsoft PowerPoint Templates to Download Now (2020)


SummaryPowerPoint templates are a great way to add design elements to your presentation. MS Office templates can also be a timesaver. They'll help you to pull your presentation together quickly.  Even pre

PowerPoint templates are a great way to add design elements to your presentation. MS Office templates can also be a timesaver. They'll help you to pull your presentation together quickly. 

Even premium Microsoft PPT templates can save you money since you don't have to hire your own designer. Finally, the right template can help you to easily brand your presentation to match your company guidelines or other standards such as school requirements.

Minimal Sale Premium Powerpoint Template
The Minimal Sale Template from Envato Elements is one of many great Microsoft PowerPoint templates.

The best PowerPoint templates, of course, are the premium templates. But if you don't have any budget at all you can download PowerPoint free templates. There are dozens of free Microsoft PowerPoint templates online. 

In this article, I've shared some of those resources for you. The list includes free professional PowerPoint templates, free modern PowerPoint templates, and free educational PowerPoint templates. 

You might be wondering why you should bother with premium PowerPoint templates when you can use a free one. Plus, there are so many free Microsoft Office PowerPoint templates available. Let’s briefly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both free and premium PowerPoint templates.

Free vs Premium PowerPoint Templates (Download PPTs Now & For 2020)

Free PowerPoint templates have their own set of advantages. For starters, you can download these PowerPoint templates for free. That means you can use them even if you don’t have a big budget for your business presentation. Free PowerPoint templates are also a great choice if you’re a student who needs to create a presentation for their class.

Microsoft PowerPoint Templates
On Envato Elements, you'll unlock a huge library of Microsoft PowerPoint presentation templates.

Premium PowerPoint templates have several advantages:

  • They feature unique Microsoft PowerPoint designs.
  • Premium Microsoft Office PowerPoint templates will help you create a powerful, visually engaging presentation.
  • Premium Office PowerPoint templates are updated on a regular basis.
  • Premium PowerPoint templates include support from the author.

You can find thousands of premium MS PowerPoint templates on marketplaces like Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.

As mentioned earlier, there's no shortage of PowerPoint templates online for free download. We’ve gathered the best ones for this article. Let's start with a look at some top-notch premium Microsoft PPT templates first.

Best Premium Microsoft PowerPoint Templates From Envato Elements

Before we dive into the free Microsoft PowerPoint templates, let's look at some top-notch premium Microsoft Office PowerPoint templates. For professional results and to get your presentation done quickly, choose one of the many affordable Microsoft PowerPoint templates available on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.  

Here are a few of our favorite PowerPoint templates:

1. Glasses PowerPoint Template

Glasses PowerPoint Template

This business PowerPoint template includes 86 unique slides to fit a wide variety of presentation needs. The template includes infographic elements to make building an eye-catching presentation easier. Plus, there are animation and transition slides. 

It's based on only free fonts, so you don't have to worry about making a font purchase. And there's a help guide file to make using the template even easier.

2. The XNote PowerPoint Template

X Note PowerPoint Template

Design an eye-catching professional presentation with this popular PowerPoint template. Presentation features include:

  • full HD support for 4:3 and 16:9 screen layouts
  • slide transition animation
  • a set of editable icons
  • four pre-made themes
  • 40 unique slides for each theme
  • PDF quick guide
  • and more!

3. Fluent PowerPoint Presentation Template

Fluent PowerPoint Presentation Template

Create a unique, professional-looking PowerPoint presentation with the Fluent template. This template is easy to edit in both MS PowerPoint for Mac 2011 or later and MS PowerPoint for Windows 2007 or later. 

Choose between the 20 different masters to find the layout you need. Change the background color, make it a gradient, or add a photo. Plus, the template is easy to customize with your own text and images. A help file is included.

4. Business PowerPoint Presentation

Business PowerPoint Presentation

The Business PowerPoint Presentation template is a great professional template for businesses of any size. Here are some of the features you'll get:

  • drag-and-drop ready image placeholders
  • 7 professional color schemes
  • 50 unique PowerPoint slides
  • 16:9 widescreen layouts
  • free and fast support
  • and more!

5. Paradox PowerPoint Template - Great for Creatives

Paradox PowerPoint Template Great for Creatives

If you're a creative and you need a PowerPoint template, Paradox might be for you. It includes many infographics such as icons, maps, graphs, and more. There are 74 different slides to choose from. Plus, it includes animation and transition effects. 

It's based only on free fonts, so there's no need to download anything else to create your presentation. And there's a help guide file to answer your questions.

Top Premium Microsoft PowerPoint Templates from GraphicRiver

Before we share the best free PowerPoint templates from around the web, here are a few of our favorite PowerPoint templates from GraphicRiver:

1.  Motagua - Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

Motagua Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

You'll have plenty of options with one of our best-selling and versatile PowerPoint templates, Motagua. This presentation template has thousands of customers, and with good reason. Here are some of the features you'll get when you download this template:

  • hundreds of unique Microsoft PowerPoint slide designs
  • 60 different color themes
  • choose between a light and dark-colored version
  • fully editable template elements
  • fast and free support
  • and more!

2. i9 Template System

i9 Template System

With the i9 Template System, you get tons of easily editable options such as over 13,000 slides and 22 templates. No wonder this is one of our highest ranked MS PowerPoint templates. Here's what customers have to say:

It’s brilliant and one of the best template I came I a cross; it’s truly served my purpose


Really creative, awesome design!


Best animated PowerPoint slide on the market period! Thanks for putting together such a high-quality product!

3. Simplicity - Easy to Edit Template

Simplicity Easy to Edit Template

Get a clean, modern feel for your presentation with the Simplicity Template's minimalist design. Choose between 15 fresh color themes. This template includes drag-and-drop ready image placeholders for ease of use. Plus, there are product-focused pages, making this ideal for a sales presentation and many other types of presentations. Four different aspect ratios are supported: 16:9, 16:104:3A4. You'll also find easy-to-edit infographics, maps, and charts.

4. Six Template - Clear and Professional Template


Six Template Clear and Professional Template

With this professionally designed template, you'll get custom animated pages, a variety of layouts for print and screen. Plus, there's a huge number of infographics and charts. The design lets you use fonts as icons--giving you a choice of thousands of icons. Customers love the Six Template for PowerPoint. Here are some customer comments:

Woow! Very nice work, great design, great slides…


This is stunning, amazing colors and typography!


Awesome Quality Design!

5. Startup X - Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

Startup X Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

The Startup X Pitch Desk PowerPoint Template is a professional pitch deck designed for startups and other businesses. The modern, clean template design will wow your clients and prospects alike. It's packed with useful features such as:

  • 480 unique slides organized in 20 categories
  • 40 colors 
  • animation
  • 4000+ vector icons
  • around the clock support
  • based on free fonts
  • and more!

Where to Get the Best Premium PowerPoint Templates (GraphicRiver vs Envato Elements)

You'll see in this round-up that both Envato Elements and GraphicRiver have outstanding Microsoft PowerPoint templates. Both options have deep libraries of professionally designed PowerPoint templates. Use them to quickly build your next presentation.

If you're wondering how to choose between the two marketplaces, here are some tips. You can't go wrong with either. But one marketplace might fit some users better than the other.

1. The Key Benefits of Envato Elements

Envato Elements gives you a tremendous value for a single flat-rate subscription. Subscribe to Elements. You'll unlock everything in the library. Do you want to try yet another PowerPoint template in search of your next design idea?

Envato Elements Download Template PPT Gratis
Envato Elements' secret power is the unlimited download library that costs nothing extra with each additional template.

For frequent presenters, I highly recommend Envato Elements. It includes all kinds of extras that add a lot to your presentation, like stock photography and graphics. Not only does it include Office PowerPoint templates, but it also has everything you need to create an eye-catching presentation. 

2. The Key Benefits of GraphicRiver (& Envato Market)

GraphicRiver's approach is different: you pay for individual assets purchased when you need them.

GraphicRiver Download Template PPT Gratis
On GraphicRiver, individual assets are available for sale across a wide variety of asset types, including PowerPoint templates.

 If all you need is a single PowerPoint template, then GraphicRiver might be the right choice. Buy a single template each time you've got a project.

Your Choice (What’s Right for You?)

Now that we've outlined the two marketplaces, you've seen that there are advantages to each option. So, that leaves us with the question: which marketplace is right for you? 

Envato Elements offers superior value for most entrepreneurs and creatives. It takes only a few downloads before the value of the service is easy-to-see. The monthly subscription is inexpensive. Plus, you'll unlock more than a million assets to use for your next project.  Sign up for Envato Elements today.

Download template PPT Gratis
Envato Elements - Design without limits.

If you only need a single Microsoft PPT template, don't forget about GraphicRiver. For the decisive creative, it offers a low-cost option.

40+ Free Microsoft PowerPoint Templates to Download Now or for 2020

Getting Microsoft PowerPoint Templates free might seem like a good idea. But keep in mind that free Microsoft PowerPoint templates sometimes don't include support or help.

Many free Microsoft PowerPoint templates don't take advantage of the latest PowerPoint features. And, many free PowerPoint presentation templates look similar. Your presentation might not look as unique if you choose to use one.

Free PowerPoint Template
Example of a free presentation template (Solanio Presentation Template).

Still, if free is all your budget can bear, there are PowerPoint presentation templates available for free download. Here are some of the best free PowerPoint presentation templates we could find for your convenience.

Sources for the best free PowerPoint templates downloads on this list include:

Note: The free Microsoft PowerPoint templates linked to here are hosted by their respective sites. Their availability depends on the hosting site. Also, some of these free templates require that you provide attribution for your presentation. Read the terms of use carefully.

Here's your list of free Microsoft templates for PowerPoint:

1. Othello Presentation Template. Editable design with 25 different download slides for PPT (gratis). This free template for PowerPoint can be used as a Google Slides theme or as a PowerPoint template.

2. Back to School PowerPoint Template. This free educational PowerPoint download features a blackboard backdrop.

Back to School PowerPoint Template

3. Light Rays Blue PowerPoint Template. Here's a free PowerPoint template with an abstract blue design.

4. Time Management PowerPoint Template. This free downloadable template includes a cover page with a time management theme.

5. Solanio Presentation Template. This free nature-inspired template features the color green.

6. Stethoscope Medical PowerPoint Template. This free medical PowerPoint Template features a stylized version of the popular medical symbol – a stethoscope.

Stethoscope Medical PowerPoint Template

7. 3D Concept Bar Chart Design for PowerPoint. Use these slides if your presentation needs to illustrate statistics with a bar chart. 

Download template PPT gratis

8. Technology and Computers Free PowerPoint Template. There are four slide layouts in this free PowerPoint template download.

9. Free Nym PowerPoint Template. The free Nym PowerPoint template is a free modern PowerPoint template with an abstract design. Use it for a variety of purposes.

Free Nym PowerPoint Template

10. Veterinarian Checking Up Sick Dog. A puppy is featured on this free medical PowerPoint template download for veterinarians.

11. Hand Drawn Chart Template for PowerPoint. Download this free PowerPoint template for a business presentation that includes financial situations.

12. Berlin Template. Microsoft Office owners can get free PowerPoint templates to download. The includes this template with an orange and black color theme.

13. Celestial Template. The purple and blue Celestial template is another free PowerPoint template from Microsoft.

14. Mowbray Presentation Template. This is a free technology-themed PowerPoint template with different Microsoft PowerPoint slide designs.

microsoft powerpoint theme free download

15. Classroom Timers (Hourglass). Here's one of many free Microsoft PowerPoint templates themes for teachers available online. This one lets the teacher communicate to the class how much time is left in a test.

16. Piggy Money Box PowerPoint Template. This free Microsoft PowerPoint template can be used for a variety of money-related presentations topics.

17. Heart Cardiogram Free Animated PowerPoint Template. Here's an example of the type of free animated PowerPoint templates for Microsoft you can find. This one, featuring a heart, works for a medical presentation.

Heart Cardiogram Free Animated PowerPoint Template

18. Hexagon Infographic Diagram for PowerPoint. This free Microsoft PowerPoint template diagram could work for several business applications.

19. Roderigo Presentation Template. The free Roderigo PowerPoint template was designed to illustrate the concept of teamwork.

20. Horizontal Mobile Mockup w/Hand. Here's a PowerPoint template you can download for free that depicts a hand. Add your own mobile device text.

21. Kent presentation template. Here's an editable free presentation template. It features a circle pattern and several Microsoft PowerPoint slide designs.

22. City Buildings and Colors PowerPoint Templates. This free modern PowerPoint template download features a colorful cityscape.

City Buildings and Colors PowerPoint Template

23. Corporate Identity PowerPoint Template. Here's another free corporate PowerPoint template. This time it features a red theme and an illustration of a city.

24. Integral - Free Modern PowerPoint Template. Here's a free Microsoft PowerPoint presentation template with a modern design from Microsoft Office.

25. Business PowerPoint Template. This is another one of the many free business PowerPoint templates. This free Microsoft PowerPoint template features a red color theme.

26. Wood Type. You can also get free PowerPoint templates backgrounds. A wood pattern gives this free PowerPoint template from Microsoft a unique look.

Wood Type Powerpoint Template

27. Edgar Presentation Template. A free basic intro and a purple palette characterizes these simple Office PowerPoint templates.

28. Global Infographic Chart. Use this data-driven layout to bring numbers, data, and maps to life. It's got pre-built placeholders thanks to the simplicity of Office PowerPoint templates.

29. Orange-Brown Triangle Mosaic Template for PowerPoint. Orange-brown accents take form as a series of panes for a modern look on every slide.

Free Microsoft PowerPoint templates

30. Blue PowerPoint Template Mountains. Mountain style your Microsoft PowerPoint themes with the free download. Swap out the color options with the app’s built-in editing tools.

31. 2019 Business Plan PowerPoint Templates. Map your journey to success with 48 assorted business plan slides included in this Microsoft PowerPoint theme for free download.

32. Paper Idea Bulb PowerPoint Template. Here's a slide download template PPT (gratis) that helps illustrate ideas using a paper idea bulb, and simple infographics.

33. Concept Slides PowerPoint Template. Track projects with these quick, no-frills business slide designs for PowerPoint free.

Download Template PPT gratis

34. Continuous Delivery PowerPoint Template. Model closed-loop systems like recycling with this Microsoft PowerPoint theme free download. Download this template in PPT format gratis and start using it right away.

35. Pisanio Presentation Template. Bright colors are notable features of this multipurpose theme. Layouts are quickly adjustable using PowerPoint’s editing tools.

36. Kate Free Presentation Template. This Microsoft PowerPoint theme with a free download option styles itself in the fashion of a classic notebook.

Download Template PPT Gratis

37. Hexagon Free PowerPoint Template. This Microsoft PowerPoint template features soft and light colors. It can be used for any type of presentation. 

38. Geometric Conference Presentation. If you want to create a good-looking conference presentation, this template for PowerPoint (gratis) is a good starting point. 

39. Water-Colored Splashes PowerPoint Template. Use this PowerPoint template if you want a creative look for your presentation. It includes a custom color theme and icons that you can use in the presentation.

Water-Colored Splashes PowerPoint Template

40. Tech Presentation Template. Consider this template for PowerPoint (gratis) if you've got a tech presentation coming up. The free Microsoft PowerPoint template is based on master slides. Change the fonts, colors, and background.

41. Blue Spheres Free PowerPoint Template. This minimalist free PowerPoint template can be used for any type of presentation. You can customize it to your needs with your choice of colors and fonts.

How to Quickly Customize PowerPoint PPT Templates Designs

The best thing about PowerPoint templates for Microsoft is that they can all be customized to your needs. When you find the perfect template for your presentation, follow these steps to add your own style and make it your own. 

We used the premium Nook Minimal PowerPoint template from Envato Elements for this mini-tutorial.

Nook PowerPoint Template
If you'd like to follow along, download the premium Nook Minimal PowerPoint template from Envato Elements.

1. Choose Which Slides You’ll Use

PowerPoint templates include multiple slides and slide designs to help you create a compelling presentation. Start by opening your PowerPoint template and then click on the View tab. Choose Slide Sorter. Then select the slides you don’t want to use by holding SHIFT and clicking each slide. Then, right-click on any of the selected slides and press Delete.

Choose the Nook Template

2. Add Your Content

Once you've got all your slides, it’s time to add your own content. Switch back to the Home tab. Click on the text on the slide you want to edit. Press CTRL+A to highlight all the text, delete it, and then enter your own. Repeat this process on all the slides.

Add Content

3. Customize Fonts

The next step in customizing your PowerPoint template is to use your brand’s fonts or fonts that you like. Change the fonts by selecting the text you want to edit. Then choose a new font from the drop-down menu. 

Customize fonts

4. Change Colors

Change the colors of any shape or any slide background. An easy way to do this is to click on Format > Theme Colors. Then, change background, text, accent color, and more in one convenient spot.

Change Colors

5. Add Your Images 

The last step is to add your own images. Luckily, premium PowerPoint templates for Microsoft like Nook, come with image placeholders. So, all you've got to do is double-click it and then drag your own image onto it.

Add Your Images

Learn More About Using PowerPoint Templates

Once you've downloaded your template, it's time to use it. Learn more about using PowerPoint templates for Microsoft (free or otherwise) with Envato Tuts+. Here's a list of Microsoft PowerPoint tutorials to get you started:

Microsoft PowerPoint Common Questions Answered (FAQ)

If you're using Microsoft PowerPoint, you may have some questions. Here, we've gathered up some common questions people ask along with some answers.

1. Is PowerPoint Online Free?

You can use PowerPoint online for free. But keep in mind that some of the functionality won’t be present in the online version. These include features such as slide animations and transitions as well as trimming and fading features for images and video. As such, PowerPoint online would be a good choice if you’re looking to create a very basic presentation.

Here's a tutorial that explains the differences between the different versions of PowerPoint:

2. Can PowerPoint Slides Be Vertical?

Yes, you can create both vertical and horizontal slides in PowerPoint. To change the orientation of your slide, go to File > Page Setup. Select the vertical orientation from the drop-down menu.

3. Can You Change PowerPoint Templates?

Yes, you can easily change PowerPoint templates by importing a new PowerPoint template. Learn how to import Microsoft PPT templates in this tutorial:

4. Can I Make Custom Charts in PowerPoint?

Charts and graphs help you visualize your data. They can be easily made in PowerPoint. Add a chart from the Insert tab. Then import the data from an Excel spreadsheet for the chart to display the data.

Learn more about charts here:

5. Can I Add Video to a PowerPoint Presentation?

PowerPoint makes it easy to enrich your presentation with multimedia content. Learn how in these tutorials:

Learn More About the Basics of Making Great PowerPoint Presentations 

Now you know where to find PowerPoint presentation template downloads, free and premium. You're on your way to creating an eye-catching slideshow that'll set your presentation apart. 

If you need a primer on using PowerPoint's toolset, then get started with the tutorials in our comprehensive guide to using Microsoft PowerPoint. Or, jump into one of these tutorials: 

Grab This eBook on Making Great Presentations (Free Download)

Another way to improve your presentation is to learn more about how to make a good presentation. To do that, grab our eBook: The Complete Guide to Making Great Presentations. It's available to download for Free with a subscription to the Tuts+ Business Newsletter.

Complete Guide to Presentations

The eBook will help walk you through the complete presentation process. Learn how to write your presentation, design it like a pro, and prepare it to present powerfully.

Design Your Next Presentation With a Great PowerPoint Template for 2020

Don't forget. You can use the right PPT template to help bolster your organization's brand and deliver your message with an awesome set of visuals.

If you can afford it, consider using one of the professional Microsoft PowerPoint templates available for sale on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver to get the best presentation results

Otherwise, you can get one of the many PowerPoint template free downloads that are available online. Either way, act today. Get started with making a great PowerPoint presentation.

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding new, exciting PowerPoint templates with the best, trending Microsoft PowerPoint presentation designs.

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